SAFE by Arthur Yoria – The Greatest Before & After Dog Rescue Video Ever!

SAFE is about how Rita Hayworth (the family refers to her now as Dharma) and Arthur Yoria lived their life together in the first year since they rescued each other.

Arthur and Rita have both been fundamentally changed since finding each other on the mean streets of Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood.

*Directors note: Although Arthur asked specifically not to film him giving money to homeless people, it was important to us to capture these truly genuine moments as Arthur would become overwhelmed by seeing so many homeless people and dogs on the streets of Houston and was compelled to do something. We know for a fact Arthur struggles like everyone else, has a job like everyone else, works hard to pay the bills like everyone else. Yet Arthur is compelled to do something about it. It was our goal to capture his spirit in the year long making of his new music video, SAFE. I hope you enjoy. Cheers! Tom*

SAFE is the opening credits song for the new 2017 documentary, AMERICAN STRAYS from Tom McPhee and WA2S Films.

Watch the video of Rita’s rescue in part #1 RUFF LIFE by Arthur Yoria

Both SAFE and RUFF LIFE can be found as singles when you visit Arthur Yoria here and help support the work of the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films:



Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to Document Humane Dog Sterilization!

The World Animal Awareness Society is currently fundraising in order to be on-site in the Dominican Republic for an important life-changing program, calcium chloride sterilization testing on stray dogs. A new humane initiative.

This program has the potential to vastly reduce the dangerously large roaming stray dog population around the world. This test could lead to major breakthroughs in veterinary medicine and be used to help cities or even countries with similar issues. These tests will be held between October 21st and the 24th.

WA2S Films will be filming hands-on training in the use of calcium chloride to sterilize male dogs, and meeting with Vets from around the world who will be learning to use this new method in their own home countries.

The World Animal awareness Society & WA2S Films has been invited to produce a short documentary on this important new method to inexpensively sterilize stray dogs humanely and share the process with other areas of the world affected by large populations of tray dogs.

The WA2S must raise our own funds for this event, and we need to raise $5,000 to send our minimum team of 3 including film gear for 6 days.