John Evans

Texas Rock’n’Roll Hero!

John Evans is a Texas Rock’n’Roll hero. At six-foot-five with fire in his eyes, he’s bigger than life in a long, lanky sort of way. He sees things differently from a lot of folks, but more importantly, he hears things differently. One of his friends can sing a slow, mournful lament and John may hear a scorching power-chord filled anthem. Then, by god, he makes it his own.

John was introduced to music and guitars early on, but like many young, male Texans, he found himself drawn toward football. He was the star quarterback at J. Frank Dobie High School in Pasa-Get-Down-Dena. From there he went on to helm the squad at Lamar University in nearby Beaumont. While John’s dream of being a big-time NFL quarterback didn’t work out, he finds himself living a different dream now.

His college days gave him ample opportunity to observe many local musicians, including Mark Chesnutt and tracy Byrd. While John was a fan of their music, he noticed one other thing about these good ‘ol boys – the females of the species seemed to appreciate them. What red blooded All-American boy wouldn’t want that?

John had music in his blood; his grandfather not only played guitars; he made guitars. Surely he could put that talent to good use. As it turned out, John actually seemed to prefer pretty girls talking to him over big ugly guys tackling him. It is rumored that it was about this time on John’s life that he ditched the Marine Corps flat top, but no one really seems to know for sure.

John picked up gigs throughout Southeast Texas, often playing cover tunes with a few originals mixed in. The originals became more frequent as John’s songwriting talent emerged. John teamed up with Ronnie Walker, another songwriter, in 1996. Evans-Walker released Ride Shotgun, which, although country, was not typical country.

Soon after, John formed the John Evans Band and began making even less typical country music. It was a little less George Strait and a little more Sid Vicious. You can still hear echoes of both of those icons in John’s music. A John Evans album usually includes several musical styles. Commercially, this may not be a great thing, but for his fans it certainly is.

John’s refusal to be pigeonholed can bring you a punkish country love song followed by a number that you just can’t help but jitterbug to. There will likely be a tune that will make you laugh. If not a belly laugh, then certainly at least a smile. More than a smile is in store for you if you come to a show, though. You’ll meet the most charming, likable musician to ever set foot on a stage.

John’s star is shining brightly – it is neon, after all. He has a successful career as a a music producer, camp counselor and mentor to up and coming young artists. His music has been used in movies and TV. Recently, it was featured in the movie Country Strong and on the series finale of the television show Friday Night Lyrics.

One of John’s great thrills was appearing with his good friend Hayes Carll on the Tonight Show performing KMAG YOYO, a song that John cowrote. Another experience that was a real hoot was when HGTV’s Junk Gypsies redecorated his living room.

If it is not enough that his music gets to be in the movies, John has tried his hand at acting as well. He had the starting role in Houston’s own campy B-movie, Honky Tonk Blood. He stretched his acting chops by playing the role of… well, Houston musician John Evans. But, still…