The New Arthur Yoria Single is OUT TODAY!!

Hello, Splice Fans. How have you been? We are writing to tell you that Arthur Yoria’s latest single on Splice Records is out today. We had the opportunity to work with some of my favorite Houston music folks on this one and we sincerely hope that you enjoy what we were able to come up with. More importantly, We want to dedicate this song to those who’ll be alone for the holidays. This month can be especially tough for anyone who has experienced a loss or maybe you’re just in a lonely situation and the holiday buzz is only amplifying your pain. In any case, know that I’m thinking about you. And shake your bones!

Also, Arthur will be playing a show at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA next month on 1/19 and the proceeds from this show will go to the Best Friends Animal Society who are dedicated to NO KILL. Please help get the word out about this show and let’s raise some money for this righteous cause. Tickets HERE. Enjoy any extra time you may have off this month, be safe and be cool. Thank you so much for your time and support!



Next Splice Event is this Friday Nov. 11th at Match Theatre in Midtown

The Next Splice Show is this Friday November 11th at Match Theatre in Midtown. Every couple years the Super Group, called the Honky Tonk Blood Brothers gets together to perform their live music and comedy show. This time the event will be held at a beautiful new theatre and we feel it will be a unique Splice Event in the sense that the production levels will be a sit down listening room setting in a beautiful upscale theatre.

There will be concessions available (hint Adult Beverages), the doors open at 9 and the shows starts at 9:30. It will end at 11:00 for those who like an early night… and for those who enjoy the entire night we can be step one to a wonderful adventure in the Houston Music world!

Watch SAFE by Arthur Yoria and Help 400 Dogs in Punta Cana in October!

SAFE is about how Rita Hayworth (the family refers to her now as Dharma) and Arthur Yoria lived their life together in the first year since they rescued each other. Arthur and Rita have both been fundamentally changed since finding each other on the mean streets of Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood. Directors note: Although Arthur asked specifically not to film him giving money to homeless people, it was important to us to capture these truly genuine moments as Arthur would become overwhelmed by seeing so many homeless people and dogs on the…

John Evans Debuts Music Video for His Summer Smash ‘Polyester’

Evans' brand new video features eclectic style, colourful characters and the inspiration behind the title track from his full-length album. Beloved Texas roots rocker John Evans today releases the music video for the title track off his recently released album, "Polyester" (click here to see video). Directed by Brittany Holland and Scott Marett, the video was filmed in Houston and includes a cast of colorful characters donning their own "look" inspired by the very material that the song is about. But it is much more than that.

Craig Kinsey Releases an Acoustic Album Entitled “The Nylon Sessions”

Houston, Tx – Craig Kinsey was recently called the “Godfather of Americana Music in Houston Texas” by the Houston Chronicle…

This Friday July 29th, Craig Kinsey is releasing the 6th studio album of his career, and his body of work is becoming a very impressive collection of recorded music. “Craig makes great albums and we feel this album will show another side of his song-writing.” Shaun Brennan, President of Splice Records. The ‘Nylon Sessions’ is a collection of some of Craig’s favorite cover songs originally written by some of his most admired musicians like Bob Dylan and Lefty Frezel, along with some of Craig’s greatest hits and with a new original song Craig has been performing live for a little over a year called….

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