Don’t miss the Arthur Yoria music video premiere TONIGHT at the Secret Group

Dear Splice Friends,

Tonight we are having a FREE event at the Secret Group from 8-10 pm. Arthur will play some songs from the new album coming out in February 2018 and we will give anyone who joins us tonight, a sneak peek into the Wish List video. This will be the first video of many to follow in collaboration with Jon Connor with BigLab Videos. Splice and Big Lab Videos plan to have a strong year together making the visual elements of Splice Records more refined.

There are many great connections and friendships that have come together to make this project come to reality… your support is always appreciated. If you want to help but cannot come then please stay in touch with the project by purchasing the single on iTunes or Spotify or tickets to the Houston album release party at the Mucky Duck.

Ps – Stay close to our calendar as we have two more shows this month including a post River Revival party at Continental Club on 11/18 with the Maggie Belle Band and Bayou City Funk. Bring your dance shoes and favorite River Revival memory with you.

Peace, Love and Respect,
Shaun Brennan w/ Splice Records

Arthur Yoria announces new album release Feb. 24, 2018; Releases second single from forthcoming project

Arthur Yoria — Wishlist

Nomadic Americana troubadour and Splice Records artist Arthur Yoria announces the release of his latest project and releases the first single, ‘Wishlist’

(AUSTIN, TEXAS – Nov. 6, 2017) – Houston-based Splice Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming album release by Americana musician Arthur Yoria on Saturday, Feb. 24. Although he is a Chicago native, Arthur Yoria has traveled all over the country and internationally, making music and exploring various cultures and sounds for over a decade. After a brief hiatus he is ready to unveil his latest project, and today, Splice has released the first single, “Wishlist,” from his upcoming album. To listen to the single, click here:

“‘Wishlist’ is a song about taking a break from the business and becoming a bartender,” says Yoria. “Making a living from music has always felt like a coup of some kind to me. Lack of stability aside, it’s a wonderful and adventurous way to make a living. Two years into my three-year hiatus, I really started to miss the lifestyle, and this song is my attempt to describe the predicament in a humorous way. The song came very quickly and with no second guessing; it just spilled out, really.”

Arthur Yoria — WishlistThere will be an official album release party on Saturday, Feb. 24 at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, located at 2425 Norfolk St., Houston, Texas 77098. Doors are at 9-9:30 p.m. and support will be provided by Aaron Lopez-Barrantes from New Orleans. To purchase advance tickets to the release party, please see here. For more information on Arthur Yoria, visit

The music video for “Wishlist” will be premiered at a free event at The Secret Group in Houston, Texas on Nov. 9. The video was inspired by local director Jon Connor with BigLab Video. The video will mark the first of many collaborations with Splice Records.

The album will be released on Splice Records and was recorded at Sugar Hill Studios in Houston and produced by Kelly Doyle (of Robert Ellis’ band) and engineered by the legendary Steve Christensen. The project features Tank Lisenbe on drums, Geoffrey Muller on bass and Will Van Horn on pedal steel.

“Arthur was the musician that first planted the seed of what would later become Splice Records,” says Splice Records CEO Shaun Brennan. “When I moved back to Houston he was the first local musician that I saw, and I obsessively followed his music and his career, even after he left the city to roam the countryside. To later come full circle and have the opportunity to work with him, have him on the label and be involved in creating another album with him, is truly a testament to the strengths of his talents. The music touched me and it turned me from music fan to investor. That story has made me put my whole heart into this project. The new album will display the collaborated effort that Splice created in hopes of delivering a new and more refined Arthur Yoria.”

The New Arthur Yoria Single is OUT TODAY!!

Hello, Splice Fans. How have you been? We are writing to tell you that Arthur Yoria’s latest single on Splice Records is out today. We had the opportunity to work with some of my favorite Houston music folks on this one and we sincerely hope that you enjoy what we were able to come up with. More importantly, We want to dedicate this song to those who’ll be alone for the holidays. This month can be especially tough for anyone who has experienced a loss or maybe you’re just in a lonely situation and the holiday buzz is only amplifying your pain. In any case, know that I’m thinking about you. And shake your bones!

Also, Arthur will be playing a show at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA next month on 1/19 and the proceeds from this show will go to the Best Friends Animal Society who are dedicated to NO KILL. Please help get the word out about this show and let’s raise some money for this righteous cause. Tickets HERE. Enjoy any extra time you may have off this month, be safe and be cool. Thank you so much for your time and support!



Watch SAFE by Arthur Yoria and Help 400 Dogs in Punta Cana in October!

SAFE is about how Rita Hayworth (the family refers to her now as Dharma) and Arthur Yoria lived their life together in the first year since they rescued each other. Arthur and Rita have both been fundamentally changed since finding each other on the mean streets of Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood. Directors note: Although Arthur asked specifically not to film him giving money to homeless people, it was important to us to capture these truly genuine moments as Arthur would become overwhelmed by seeing so many homeless people and dogs on the…