The Birth of Splice

Day one of Splice Records has gone and past, and in an ever changing music industry I have decide my life long quest of putting the best music collection together known to man consisting of cds, vinyl records, ticket stubs, posters, artwork, band T-shirts and music videos has far past the word “quest”; it is now a full blown obsession. Better yet, as my wife Sara would put it, “it is an addiction”. Addiction or not I want to put my stamp, my knowledge and my thoughts into the music world. My first step in creating a label was the name.

I first came up with the name Splice of Life Records, which has a nice ring to it and it matches my video production company Splice of Life Films. A production company that was started with my brother Rick Brennan when our parents purchased a VHS video camera. We quickly started writing scripts, making movies, making short films and making people laugh. Entertainment was always my destiny, and now in

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