Craig Kinsey The Nylon Sessions Release HeaderHouston, Tx – Craig Kinsey was recently called the “Godfather of Americana Music in Houston Texas” by the Houston Chronicle…

This Friday July 29th, Craig Kinsey is releasing the 6th studio album of his career, and his body of work is becoming a very impressive collection of recorded music. “Craig makes great albums and we feel this album will show another side of his song-writing.” Shaun Brennan, President of Splice Records. The ‘Nylon Sessions’ is a collection of some of Craig’s favorite cover songs originally written by some of his most admired musicians like Bob Dylan and Lefty Frezel, along with some of Craig’s greatest hits and with a new original song Craig has been performing live for a little over a year called ‘Atheist Love Song’. The track is a storied-song about a relationship between the former Catholic monk and his love affair with a beautiful self-proclaimed ‘atheist’. It is beautiful yet interesting song that ends with solidarity without judgement.

The Nylon Sessions allowed Craig to invite his best friends to SugarHill Studios to work again with Steve Christensen at the Treehouse. Christensen recorded and mixed the tracks that feature
guest musicians such as Sergio Trevino of Buxton, Mike Whitebread with the Houston Krays who also mastered and longtime friends Geoffrey Muller, Will Van Horn, Aaron Koener and Kelly Doyle.

Craig Kinsey The Nylon Sessions Album Cover“Nylon Sessions is an offering to those who love what I and my friends do. It is a striped-down presentation of my old songs and covers from some of my favorite songwriters like Bob Dylan and Lefty Frezel. I perform each song with only a nylon string guitar and my voice and harmonica. I’ve chosen one friend to perform with me on each track, showing a wide array of musical talent among my friends.

This album was inspired by the brilliant album of David Bowie songs that Sue Jorge made for Houston artist Wes Anderson’s movie Life Aquatic. This offering rests in the tradition of Naked Willie or numerous bootleg albums. These recordings present songs in their bedroom, without formal attire or affectations. Simply songs. Words. These can be enjoyed on a deck with a lazy Sunday morning coffee or watching the world go by on a long highway road trip heading south. This should tide you over until the next full studio album”
– Craig Kinsey

The Album Release party is scheduled for 9:30 @ the famous Mucky Duck:

The album can be purchased here:…/nylon-sessions/id1134741880

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Splice Records was founded in 2014 by Shaun Brennan a local business man and film producer, along with Houston musician and philosopher Craig Kinsey, who fronted the wildly popular and award- winning band ‘The Sideshow Tramps’ and has since put a lot into his solo career. The pair launched the partnership in July 2014 during a sold out concert at Fitzgerald’s for the release of Kinsey’s “American Roots & Machines” Album. Brennan and Kinsey expanded the label by signing Pecos Hank Schyma, John Evans and recently Arthur Yoria to the label. They support and encourage multi-genre musicians that represent the sound of Houston Texas.

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