Splice of Life productions was the beginning of Splice Records. As a child my older brother and I would write scripts, make short films and produce movies on old VHS tapes for our friends and family to watch. Some of the films were very funny and others were attempts at greatness where our hearts were in the right place. Our passion for film and being behind the camera never went away and every time we produced something we called it a ‘Splice of Life’ production.

We were very proud of the name and as I got older and went to college, I took the idea a little more serious. Paying my way through school at SouthWest Texas, I always had ideas and wanted to remain involved with film. I mixed that genre with music and started approaching bands about making music videos and recording live concerts. I had very little experience but what I lacked in experience I made up with in ambition.

I self-funded all the projects and with each production I gained a little more experience. When I moved back to my hometown of Houston Texas, I ran into a friend named Mark Larsen who had created a single family residence in a space dedicated to the arts called the Artery.

I had officially met someone who had the same interests and ideas as I did, but who had taken their passion to the highest level one could have ever imagined. The Artery was a space for every type of genre and unless you experienced yourself, and attempt to describe it would be unjust. I volunteered at the Artery for many years, and I held many live performances there with local musicians… all in which were filmed and edited in the interest of helping the artist career. All of which became a Splice of Life production. Many of the musicians I worked with at the Artery later became artists on Splice Records. Craig Kinsey, John Evans, Hank Schyma and Arthur Yoria all worked with me at the Artery, and they all performed live in front of a live studio audience.

After 26 years of operations the Artery closed its doors for many reasons, but mainly it was to move on to the next venture in life. The passion I gained from volunteering at the Artery as a producer evolved in to and became the Birth place of Splice Records.

Splice of Life Productions is designed to work with musicians on scripted and live performance videos. We also like to play the consultant role or producer role in movies and short films.

The Kid – Trailer

An Ordinary Family – Official Trailer

Emily Bell

Pecos Hank
Diamonds at Her Feet

Pecos Hank
Beer Bottle Song

Craig Kinsey
After All, Honky Tonk Blood Brothers

Umbrella Man, Leave Me Where You Found Me

Blue October Italian Radio Livo @ Fitz