I could make the argument that Splice Records was birthed from a house concert that I had in my backyard many years ago. In the neighborhood where our label headquarters are located (Montrose) there are house concert series that date back 20+ years. I myself feel like there is nothing like hosting friends, music lovers and Splice Records musician in the confines and comfort of your own home. The artist Splice Records represents are a perfect choice for your next or first house concert. In many ways A Splice Records artist has to kind of love to perform on a couch or your living room. Here are some helpful hints on how to organize and throw a good house concert.

  1. You are the promoter, which means your house can host upwards to 25-100 people. Anything less may be a little too intimate and anything more may mean a heck of a clean-up or it may be uncomfortable for your guest. Try in envision where they artist will play and where your guest will watch. That can be your back yard, your couch, your garage or even your porch… As the promoter you are in charge of the date and time, choosing the artist, who is invited and the terms of the agreement.
  2. Book the musician with or without a guarantee. House concerts are a way to raise money for a musician and guarantees are always great, but the terms of the concert need to be worked out in advance. For example: How long they will play for, when they will go on, do they need to bring their own PA system, will it be an unplugged concert, will kids be there, which songs you want to hear and how do they like to get paid? Cost Example: Solo artist cost can range from: $300 – $1,000 or with a band or band members $500-$1,500. (Again, work out the terms upfront). The terms are dictated by the artist and you will find them to be quite reasonable, but you must remember this is what they do for a living.
  3. After the time, date and terms are worked out… now it is time to promote and prepare for the concert. This is the fun part. Put an event page together, create art work, spread the word, invite friends, family and neighbors and get your supplies. I stress invite the neighbors because a concert can get loud and art is something you should share with the community around you. If they are not invited be sure to let them know what is going on and hand them your number. I would prefer a neighbor call me oppose to the PoPo, if it were to get too loud and crazy.
  4. A good house concert can have food, beverages and a fair amount of good friends. In the past I have paid for the artist out of my own pocket, but I have also seen others charge a door fee so everyone equally absorbs the cost. I have seen door fees as high as $25 a person and as low as $10 a person. The amount of people and the terms of the agreement should be dictated by you the promoter. Communicate it well to your audience and friends so you will raise or prepare for the funds properly. Another good idea is to have the event  as a pot luck dinner. Have your guest bring food and drinks. Remember a  good house concert involves food, drinks and a great intimate concert. (Example: 50 people, $15 a head, and you just raised $750 for the artist/food/drink). Shared cost is such a progressive idea and it works well in the house concert environment.
  5. Set the stage… Before the party starts make sure the area in which the artist will play is prepared. Feel free to become your own stage designer. Make sure the stage area has plenty of electricity just in case there is a sound system. Feel free to decorate the performance area with lights, make a sign, add some art… this the area where you can be creative. I have seen people build back yard stages just to host house concerts. A couch or a stool will work, but the more fun you have with it, the better the experience.
  6. Host the musician, host your guest and enjoy the moment. The gratification of throwing a successful event in the confines of your home is hard to match. You simultaneously helped the art community, fed your friends and a hungry musician; but you also became the talk of the town. Bask in it…

Splice Records musicians are all fantastic song writers, great story tellers and they all have a story to tell. Feel free to email us about booking your next or your first house concert. We love to engage with our fans at festivals, at a club or even at an arena… but nothing is better than allowing us to invade your home with our music.

For Booking a Splice Musician @ a house concert please email us @ splicerecordsllc@gmail.com

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