American Roots and Machines

American Roots and Machines


  1. 1Dissatisfied - Craig Kinsey
  2. 2Credits - Craig Kinsey
  3. 3Say, Jesus (A Homeless Man Talks To Jesus) - Craig Kinsey

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American Roots and Machines” encompasses each and is a musical tour de force of Southern Rock, Gospel, Folk and Americana. Kinsey, whose notorious anti-genre stance is on full display (take one listen to “I’m Not Part of a Scene” and you’ll get it), pulls inspiration from many influences including Mozart, Charlie Chaplin, AC/DC, Tom Waits, Bill Monroe, Lightning Sam Hopkins and more on a record that critics are exhorting is nothing short of “great.”

“It’s rock and roll, naked blues, apocalyptic choirs, a township chanting just at the edge of our awareness. Starting with today’s many rock styles and going way back, we travel through the roots of America’s music. There is certain insanity happening here and I’m trying to heal a split between mind and body, between music and technology with this record.” – Craig Kinsey

The press wrote.

His songs are full of deep thoughts and intertwined themes. Discussing one song in particular, he pulls in Joseph Campbell, Darth Vader and Friedrich Nietzsche as reference points. The album’s title serves as its over-arching theme. Kinsey is interested in origins, so he bores deep into history – of music, culture, politics. But he doesn’t ignore the 21st century.

Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle

The album, replete with call and response anthems, classic blues mixed with punk and ample gospel choir riffs, also includes the 14-minutes-long, “Gettysburg.” The battles, the nuances, the whole love/hate thing Kinsey has going on with America in general is churned out in this song. If you missed the show this past Saturday, July 26th, the least you can do is listen to “American Roots and Machines,” which mirrors a live show in all its frenzied glory.

Sarah Gajkowski, Free Press

Kinsey has gone to great lengths to build a stage in your mind, and the record plays more like a film for the ears.

Jef with One F, Houston Press Blog