Splice Records Logo

Day one of Splice Records has gone and past. In an ever changing music industry I have decide my life long quest of putting the best music collection together known to man. A collection consisting of cds, vinyl records, ticket stubs, posters, artwork, band T-shirts and music videos has far surpassed the word “quest”; it has officially become a full blown obsession. Better yet, as my wife Sara would put it, “it is an addiction”. Whether that is true or not, I want to put my stamp, my insight and my thoughts into the music world. My first step in creating a label was the name.

I first came up with the name ‘Splice of Life’ Records, which has a nice ring to it and it matches my video production company Splice of Life Films. A production company that was started with my brother Rick Brennan when our parents purchased a VHS video camera. We quickly started writing scripts, making movies, making short films and making people laugh. Entertainment was always my destiny and now in my mid 30s I decide; “I want to start a record label”.

I pitched the idea to my now business partner and on of my Top 20 favorite musicians (no bullshit) Craig Kinsey. We drank whiskey and started a brain storming session. The idea then started to grow, the connection was made… the path has been laid out for me, “I am going to be bold and I am going to make a record label”. We both decide to sleep on it for 48 hours and then make sure it was not the whiskey talking. The next time we spoke, which wasd two days later, we both agreed it is our destiny. I pitch him the name and he says, “why do we not just call is SPLICE? I think a record label name is supposed to be just one word, and it is supposed to be easy… it is supposed to ‘pop’”! As hard as it was we settle on ‘Splice Records’, it was the right decision and the rest has now become unwritten history.

Since that decision my life has changed for the better as I discovered an arena of interesting people who are very dedicated to their craft of making music. Since Splice Records started I now know what it is like to be back stage and behind the scenes, and I must say that behind the curtains has a mystical charm to it. With all that being true, I still find myself in the front row on the floor with the real fans, basking in the joy and happiness of promoting a great show with incredible energy. I have felt the second hand magic of being on stage after an epic concert. The taste of that success is like no other. The connection is harvested through friendships, through the love of music and through the will to accept entertainment as a form of being human. And that leaves me wondering… “where would we be without music”? I quote Michael Franti, “Everyone deserves music… even your worst enemy”.

It is true we all deserve the chance to find the music that touches our hearts and forces our souls to dance. With Splice Records I have chose to be a part of the creation of that connection, and it has changed my life. In every which way our goal is to connect with music lovers and musicians across our globe. That will require a lot of help and a lot of karma. I just wonder who is completely on board for this journey? I believe that I am and of course feel free to join me at any time.

Peace, Love and the beginning….
Shaun Brenna CEO – Splice Records