• Credits - Craig Kinsey
  • Dissatisfied - Craig Kinsey
  • Drive Under The Moon - Pecos Hank
  • El Reno Blues - Pecos Hank
  • Say, Jesus (A Homeless Man Talks To Jesus) - Craig Kinsey
  • Sinful Refrain (Featuring Emily B) - Pecos Hank
  • I'll Be Here Awake - Arthur Yoria
  • Clean For Free - Arthur Yoria

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Watch SAFE by Arthur Yoria and Help 400 Dogs in Punta Cana in October!

SAFE is about how Rita Hayworth (the family refers to her now as Dharma) and Arthur Yoria lived their life together in the first year since they rescued each other. Arthur and Rita have both been fundamentally changed since finding each other on the mean streets of Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood. Directors note: Although Arthur asked specifically not to film him giving money to homeless people, it was important to us to capture these truly genuine moments as Arthur would become overwhelmed by seeing so many homeless people and dogs on the…



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